Previous Recipients

We have given grants to a wide range of activities and programs that embrace the goals of the Abe Keller Fund, including music, drama, and arts projects; public education programs, events and demonstrations; educational activities such as scholarships, curriculum development, internships, courses, and camp programs.

Organizations and activities that we have funded since the Fund’s inception include:

Colectiva Legal del Pueblo: Collective organization founded for and by undocumented immigrants to build community leadership for migrant justice through legal advocacy and education. We funded several Know Your Rights and renewal information workshops for DACA recipients.

Somali Family Safety Task Force: Serving refugee and immigrant women and families. We funded Girls Guide! To Justice, Identity, & Empowerment, an eight-week program to educate and empower young Somali and other East African (S/EA) girls in South Seattle.

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility: For the Nobel Peace Prize celebratory and educational event in Seattle to raise awareness of nuclear weapons issues, galvanize new and existing activists to take action, and recognize the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) in Oslo on Dec.10th, UN Human Rights Day.

Kids for Peace – Seattle: Organizing two interfaith youth workshops in collaboration with other community groups, to educate and empower youth to reach across religious barriers, promote acceptance, and speak up against Islamophobia and other forms of intolerance.

Mike Yarrow Peace Fellowship: works with high school students to advocate and organize for peace and justice. It replaced the Western Washington Fellowship Of Reconciliation Peace Activist Trainee Program, which was funded by the AKPEF for many years.

From Hiroshima to Hope: lantern-floating ceremony held on August 6 every year at Green Lake, in memory of the victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and of all victims of war and violence.

Peacemaking Photo Project: Redefining “WE” is a traveling exhibit with paired photos of Christian and Muslim women.

Formerly Incarcerated Group Healing Together (FIGHT): works with Asian Pacific Islander current or former inmates from WA state correctional institutions.

Particles on the Wall: an exhibit fusing art, science and history to explore the troubling impacts of the nuclear age, with a focus on Hanford.

Seattle Peace Chorus

Team Child: works with juveniles in the legal system to ensure they receive legal assistance and social supports.

Veterans for Peace Golden Rule Project: a voyage of the historic peace ship, the Golden Rule, educating the public about peace and anti-nuclear activism.

Freedom Project: teaches non-violent communication and mindfulness, serving men and women in our state prisons

Seattle Labor Chorus

Community to Community Development Youth Education: summer farmworker youth-organizing project, focused on worker rights in Skagit County.

Kids 4 Peace Seattle: a summer camp in the Pacific Northwest, bringing together Palestinian, Israeli, and North American youth for leadership development and non-violent action training.

Restorative Justice Project, staffed by Peoples Institute NW and American Friends Service Committee: works with students at Rainier Beach High School.

Whatcom Peace & Justice Center: provides educational programming, leadership on legislative advocacy, and opportunities to resist injustice through public protest, writing, media reform, and organizing events.

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration: a community event that has featured a rally, workshops, and march in Seattle for over 30 years

Think Peace: Peacemaking in a Troubled World: a monthly video program broadcast on Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN TV) covering many issues related to peace.

West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice (WSNPJ): purchased counter-recruiting ads in local school papers, to counteract misleading military recruiting ads.

Floyd Schmoe Peace Scholarship: scholarship available to high school seniors in Seattle Public Schools and Shoreline Public Schools with post-high school education plans, in honor of long-time Seattle area peace activist.

Coffee Strong (GI Voice): outreach program supporting veterans and those in the military with G.I. rights counseling and advocacy.

Matumaini Counseling and Community Center: community mental health organization serving youth in juvenile justice, and children, adolescents and families in the urban community.

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

United Nations Association, Seattle chapter

Washington Truth in Recruiting

Mothers for Police Accountability

Namaste Peace Project

Canyon Creek ASB

Lawyer’s Alliance for World Security

Black Dollar Days

Iraq Memorial to Life Project

Voice of Hibakusha

1000 Flowers for Peace

Standing Rock Resistance

Tacoma Refugee Choir

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