The Abe Keller Peace Education Fund was created in 1998 to support peace and justice education activities in the Puget Sound region through fund-raising and grant-making. By supporting local and small-scale projects where our funding can have a significant impact, we turn many small contributions into a collective force for social change.

About the Fund

The Abe Keller Peace Education Fund is a non-profit organization, achieving 501C(3) status in 2000. The Fund plays a unique role of providing financial support for peace and justice education in the Pacific Northwest.

About Abe Keller

Abraham C. Keller (1916-1997) was a dedicated educator and passionate activist. Through his joyful engagement in peace and justice activism and education, he left a proud legacy of accomplishments in our community, empowering those who knew him.

Peace Awards

Periodically the Abe Keller Peace Education Fund Board has chosen to recognize an individual or individuals whose work and commitment to peace and justice has indelibly changed our community.

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