Peace Awards

Periodically the Abe Keller Peace Education Fund Board has chosen to recognize an individual or individuals whose work and commitment to peace and justice has indelibly changed our community. Since the Fund’s inception, we have honored the following activists:

Lt. Ehren Watada (2008): for his courageous and articulate call for peace in Iraq.

Beth Brunton (2012): recipient of the National Teacher Award for Dropout Prevention, for advocating dropout prevention and teaching peace in the classroom.

Jesse Hagopian (2012): founding member of Seattle Equality Educators who developed and taught lessons about war and peace in the classroom.

Ruth and Mike Yarrow (2013): for their exceptional devotion to instilling peace and justice values in young people, in particular for creating and teaching the Peace Activist Trainee (PAT) program. Watch videos from the 2013 PAT program and Mike’s soapbox speech.

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