Grant Guidelines

The Abe Keller Peace Education Fund has been awarding small grants in the Puget Sound region since 2000. See our Previous Grant Recipients to learn more about the types of projects and organizations that we have funded.
Grants are approved at regular Board meetings based on the criteria listed below. As an all-volunteer organization, we attempt to be flexible and responsive in our grant-making process. Commitments are usually for one year. Most of our grants are for $2,000 or less.


  1. The project, program or activities will further peace and justice action and education in the Puget Sound Region
  2. The Abe Keller Fund financial support, though a small amount, will have a big impact on the activity
  3. The duration and scope of the activity will have a long-term impact on participants and the community
  4. The grant recipient should have a tax-exempt status or a fiscal agent with that status.
  5. Participation of young people is desirable, but not mandatory


  1. To use funds only for purposes consistent with the grant application
  2. To provide a brief report to the Abe Keller Fund at the end of the year describing the goals achieved with grant assistance.
  3. To acknowledge the Abe Keller Fund contribution where possible
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